In the world of sugar since 1950…


In the world of sugar since 1950...

Our mission

CSAPO's aim is to be an interface between producer and end user, trying to satisfy the needs of both as efficiently as possible.

Our business

Thanks to our many years’ experience, we can supply all types of sugar from the most reliable producers in Europe and around the world.

Our customers

We are proud to number numerous leading Italian and international companies among our long-standing customers.

Our core values

The fundamental values of CSAPO reflect who we are and what we do: Reliability, Quality, Flexibility, Dynamism

CSAPO is an Italian company set up in the 1950s, specialising in the wholesale sugar trade.

Our know-how enables us to offer a wide range of services and adapt them to meet every need.

Product quality, punctual deliveries and constant customer service are an indispensable part of our philosophy, including in light of future new regulations and opportunities


The CSAPO team combines in-depth experience of the home market with a far-reaching global perspective


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Constant consultancy and market analysis enable us to be at our customers’ service at all times.

Internal trade

CSAPO's trading keeps the Community market fluid by moving sugar from countries in surplus to countries in deficit, in particular Italy. It also provides a link with international markets. Within the EU, Italy is in fact the main importer, importing more than 1.5 million tons per year. Most of Italy's imports are in the form of white sugar bought directly from European producers. CSAPO provides a number of leaders in the sugar market with continuous supplies. Thanks to a proven logistics system, it can satisfy the needs of both customers and suppliers punctually and flexibly.


Evolving market rules have led CSAPO to support European companies exporting their products outside the Community. These are able to use sugar coming from third countries to make their products without having to pay import duties, but the end product must obligatorily be exported on the world market. This mechanism is known as Inward Processing Relief (IPR). CSAPO monitors the entire process for its customers, from purchase through logistics, administration and customs formalities up to delivery.


Logistics management plays a key role with a substantial influence on the end price. Only effective management of transport, storage and warehousing can therefore guarantee maximum efficiency by optimising costs. CSAPO has a proactive approach to its customers' needs and always tries to offer made-to-measure solutions to their requirements.


Down the centuries, attempts have been made to extract sugar from various crops. Besides sugarcane and maple, the two best known alternatives to sugar beet, people have also tried to extract it from grapes, wheat, maize, potatoes, walnuts, cabbage, palms, carrots and liquorice. After numerous attempts, they finally realised that no crop can give such a high yield as sugar beet or cane.

Towards a NEW MARKET…

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The price collapse

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